Knot a Fun Craft

For those who find they have spare time on their hands, crafts serve a useful purpose. It takes up that spare time, but it also provides a piece of art that is often useful or decorative. People have been having a good times for centuries doing their own crafts at home, and they are still popular today. For those who would like to know more about macrame, it is knot a fun craft.

Tying knots is often associated with small children learning how to keep their shoes on, but it is a craft that was long practiced by sailors. They needed ways to keep the ropes on their ships from letting loose, and they developed a large variety. This eventually became the beginnings of what is known in the modern world as macrame, and it has been recognized as much as a form of art as it is a craft. It all depends upon the person doing the work and their level of expertise.

Many youngsters learn the beginning knots associated with macrame, but few of them go on to study it in great depth. They may go so far as to make a bracelet or a belt in summer camp, but there will be those looking for something more. Some people have found macrame is a wonderful way to hang pots of flowers, yet that is barely touching the surface.

Winding ropes into knots in a particular pattern is the basis of this art. Using ropes with different weights, thicknesses, and even materials is where it changes from a simple craft into a form of art. Artists specializing in macrame have created wall hangings of great depth and detail. Their art is often spare with clean lines, but that does not make it simple. The various combinations of materials and knots is often just as complex as other art forms.