Artists always need supplies to do their work. They acquire the necessary items in specialty stores or art and craft shops. Painters will get oil paints, brushes and canvas through local suppliers. Leather workers may find punching tools. Sculptors generally must order their stone directly from quarries, but this is an exception to finding readily available art supplies locally. Many people who wish to learn how to produce art will inquire at an art and craft store about classes. Many of these shops and small stores have information and provide their own classes. Local artists generally teach these classes to encourage new artists and make a bit of money when their sales are slow.


The Art of Making a Home

Turning a house into a home is an art that has been practiced, mainly by women, for the entire history of mankind.


Crewel Artistry

Wool from sheep has long been a basis for making cloth around the world. Sheep are generally hardy and easy to keep. They have been part of the supply chain for cloth and food for millennia.


The Role of Crafts in Art

Learning to produce crafts is a fun way to spend time and learn new ways to produce items. Crafts offer a wide range of materials and products to be worked